Today for every multi-functional device (copier) in the work place there are 4 to 8 printers; this includes both laser and ink jet printers. In most organizations printers fall below the radar of capital expenditures and are rarely tracked by the organization.

There is a huge misconception that printers are inexpensive because we only look at the acquisition cost and not the ongoing cost for supplies. Add to this scenario that many organizations have no idea how many printers are placed throughout their organization and how much these printers are costing them to function.

Craig Office Suppply's objective regarding managed print services is not to market new equipment but to provide a "Quick View" of an organization's output environment, recommend services which should extend the life of your
current equipment and offer a long term document output strategy that matches your organization's actual use and need for print.

It is Craig Office Supply's goal to help organizations control an expense that costs on the average 3 to 5% of actual revenue each year. In most instances the results of our "Quick View" study have reduced expenses and added profits/revenue to the bottom line.

If your organization is interested in a free quick view study please contact our MPS team at 800.829.4111 ext. 301
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